This is how much people pay to have a wedding in Ireland 3 years ago

This is how much people pay to have a wedding in Ireland

Following the onslaught of festive engagements, it might be time to start setting aside some pocket money for the big day.

According to a new survey from weddingsonline, the average total budget for a wedding including the honeymoon cost is €21,219. With 19 months being the usual wait time between popping the question and walking up the aisle, it’s time to start saving!


Interviewing more than 2,300 participants, the findings revealed that nearly a fifth (18 percent) of all Irish couples will take out a loan to pay for their wedding.


So how many people do you plan on sharing the special day with? On average, couples invite 151 guests, with 20 percent opting for a bigger group of 200 people.

Summer brides are still the season of choice, with August topping the poll as the most popular month. Saturdays are still the most popular day to get married with 40 percent of people keeping their vows until the weekend, closely followed by Friday (39 percent) as the day to tie the knot.

So what could go wrong?

Well apparently, it really is YOUR big day. Of those surveyed, the most common regrets expressed by the surveyed brides and grooms were letting family and friends interfere with their planning, not saving earlier for their wedding day and not hiring a videographer to capture their best moments.