WOW air announces €49.99 flights to Iceland and we're already packing our bags 4 years ago

WOW air announces €49.99 flights to Iceland and we're already packing our bags

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Summer is here and like always, we are on the hunt for some amazing last minute deals so we can jet off and take it easy for a couple of days. From adventure holidays to seven days spent lying by the pool, there is something for everyone out there and we think the latest deal to drop might just tickle your fancy.

Landing today, WOW air has announced that flights from Dublin to Reykjavik, Iceland are going for a mere €50 for a limited time only!  Iceland for €50? Absolutely.

Svanhvít Friðriksdóttir, Director of Communications at WOW air, said:

“WOW air is committed to giving travellers more ways to fly to the places they love in comfort and at cheaper prices.

“We are excited to offer our Irish passengers more affordable fares to beautiful Iceland, and onwards to all the most amazing destinations in the United States and Canada.”


This is part of some mega deals which WOW air dropped today including €129.99 flights from Dublin to North America including destinations like New York, Washington DC, Cleveland, Chicago and Boston.

WOW air first began flying from Dublin to Iceland in June 2015 and now the airline flies the route more than five times a week during the peak of summer. And since the addition of American flights, the airline provides endless opportunities for people flying out of Dublin to enjoy a weekend getaway or a long haul flight to other parts of the world.

You can check out all information here.

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