9 last minute Galentine's treats in Dublin, Cork, and Galway - for the day that's in it 1 year ago

9 last minute Galentine's treats in Dublin, Cork, and Galway - for the day that's in it

Happy Galentine's Day!

Or, as it is otherwise known as, the incredibly made up day before Valentine's Day where gals spend time with other gals, instead of men.


It's a great day for everyone involved - except maybe those of us who haven't made any concrete plans and are desperately trying t0 find something deadly and delicious to do with our mates over the coming days.

Naturally, Galentine's Day can indeed spill into the rest of the weekend if you're anyway that inclined or don't have a significant other to do anything with.

At the end of the day, being forever alone doesn't have to mean being forever stuck in your gaff while you could be out doing nice things, like the below.


Butlers chocolate tour

Ever fancied enjoying yourself little wander around a chocolate factory, watching chocolate movies, and interacting with chocolate exhibitions in a chocolate museum?

If so, you're in luck because Butlers Chocolate are currently running a Valentine's Day tour special. It's marketed towards couples, but sure you'd have a better time going with your mate instead.


Decorate some chocolate, drink some prosecco, and just have a generally lovely time. Sold.

You can find out more, or book tickets, here. 

Sprezzatura Italian


Not been to Sprezzatura yet? Remedy this immediately - and better yet, do it for Galentine's Day.

One of Dublin's latest (and most delicious) introductions to the restaurant scene, the Italian offers an array of small and tasty pasta plates for prices that are almost too good to be true.

Perfect for sharing, perfect for not sharing. Whichever.

You can find out more, or book yourself a table, here. 


Hang Dai 

Known for being one of the best Chineses in the country, Hang Dai is probably one of the most divine spots you can grab a bite to eat.


It's also got a very aesthetically pleasing bar upstairs too, optimum for enjoying a few expertly mixed cocktails with your gal of choice tonight, tomorrow, or all throughout the weekend.

Try the Herbaceous Revelation - you won't regret it.

You can find out more here. 


Charlotte Tilbury afternoon tea masterclass 

Got plans on Saturday, February 15? If not, you may as well pop down to the Charlotte Tilbury masterclass that's taking place in Cork International Hotel.

There'll be prosecco, there'll be makeup tutorials, there'll be afternoon tea, and a complimentary Tilbury Transformation at their counter in Brown Thomas, Cork.

You can find out more, or book yourself a ticket, here. 

Market Lane

Do you like steak? Do you like hake? Do you like spicy roasted cauliflower that comes with a delicious dahl and a few poppadoms?

Of course you do. And chances are, so does your mate that you're hoping to spend a bit of time with this Galentine's Day. Do it in Market Lane, sure. Might as well.

They've even got an entire vegan menu too, for your consideration.

You can find out more, or book yourself a table, here. 

Cask cocktail bar 

If you like your drinks inspired by Irish mythology, then you'll be sure to like Cask.

Head down for Galentine's and grab yourself a Púca, a Dullahán, or a Muckie and bask in the delightfully chill but also really quite glam vibe.

A decent spot for it any night of the week, tbf.


Tiny Traders Market

If you happen to be around the European Capital of Culture this weekend, you'd do well to pop down to the Tiny Traders Village Market at the Nun's Island Theatre.

Open every Saturday from 10am to 5pm, the market hosts an array of delightful stalls including foods, local crafts, and even some sweet treats for dogs.

The ideal wander for a casual Galentine's weekend.

You can find out more here. 

Hyde Bar 

If you, like every other woman in the country, is desperate for a bit of brunch tomorrow or over the weekend, you'd do well to hit up Hyde Bar for a delicious treat or two.

With a selection of tasty eggs-based dishes and a dessert menu that will leave you wishing you hadn't already filled up on avocado, you'll be sure to absolutely to spoil yourself in ways that a man never could.

You can find out more here. 

Cupán Tea 

Not exactly a cocktail bar this time around, but a delightful and incredibly cute tea spot nonetheless.

Cupán Tea has been a staple of adorable Galway cafés for years now, offering up an extensive selection of beverages, pastries, and a delicious cakes.

Afternoon tea, but not as you know it.

You can find out more, or book yourself a table, here.