Zayn Malik's new 'Star Wars' tattoo is actually surprisingly cool 4 years ago

Zayn Malik's new 'Star Wars' tattoo is actually surprisingly cool

Cool tattoos are cool tattoos, regardless of who they belong to.

Sure, you might not expect former boyband members to feature too prominently round this way, but Zayn Malik has earned it.

Not only has the former One Direction member got a lightsaber tattoo, but he's got one that seemingly glows in the fucking dark. That's got to be worth something, right?

Tattoo artist Jonboy - who has worked with Justin Bieber, among others - shared this photo of the new tattoo, made using UV ink.

Malik's eye-catching face tattoo may have been fake, but this one appears to be the real deal.

The reaction from One Direction fans has been broadly positive, with plenty of all-caps responses.

Oh, and the fact that it's on his middle finger hasn't gone unnoticed.

We're putting it towards the top of our tattoo rankings, alongside Miley Cyrus' latest one, and Judi Dench's first inking at the grand age of 81.

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