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Doting dad shares the harsh yet hilarious quips of his four daughters
These little girls are works of pure genius!

These are just TOO brilliant.

While it's definitely more than true that kids say the funniest things, it's definitely in the earlier stages of childhood that kids are their most blunt and funniest.

Shows like Outnumbered and My Family show the innocence of young kids perfectly and their hilarious no-holds-barred attitude to life and saying what they think.

One dad who seems to have kids just like the cheeky Karen Brockman from Outnumbered is comedy writer James Breakwell.

James is a father to four children, four girls all under the age of 6 which means that they're going to be at the age where they are the most gas.

James keeps his followers updated with his daughter's hilarious put-downs and sarcastic comments on his Twitter account, where anyone who has kids or even knows toddlers will be able to identify with his quips taken from his daughters.

The girl's simplistic views on life are truly, little delights to read.




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