Girl realises she looks exactly like the nerdy Snapchat filter 6 years ago

Girl realises she looks exactly like the nerdy Snapchat filter

Everyone loves a decent Snapchat filter.

There's so many to choose from - the classic dog face, the pretty one, the pink goddess one... I could go on and on.


If you're dying of a hangover or just oily as hell, it's reassuring to know that when you wanna take a quick snap, the new Snapchat filters are there to protect you.

While there are the pretty, silly and funny filters, there's also the designated 'ugly' ones - the one that bloats your face or the nerdy filter - as we can't be perfect and gorgeous all the time.

LONDON, ENGLAND - OCTOBER 06: In this photo illustration the Snapchat app is used on an iPhone on October 6, 2014 in London, England. Snapchat allows users' messages to vanish after seconds. It is being reported that Yahoo may invest millions of dollars in the start up firm. (Photo by Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images)

One American girl was innocently using the Snapchat filters when she realised one filter in particular actually resembled her appearance.


Twitter user Madisyn uploaded a hilarious status showing her with and without the filter, but the spooky thing is is that the two pictures could be twins.

In the first picture, she takes a Snapchat with the text 'Haha I look so nerdy and dumb with this filter'

In the second snap, Madisyn takes a normal selfie.

After realising the disturbing similarity between the two pictures she acts like a total champ and types on her photo with BITING sarcasm "Thank god I actually don't look like that".




There's nothing better than laughing off something embarrassing - this girl is a serious queen.


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