Say hello to your ultimate Love Island 2018 drinking game 2 years ago

Say hello to your ultimate Love Island 2018 drinking game

Love Island 2018 kicked off this week.

The opening show only lasted a mere 1.5 hours and yet we were already graced with awkwardness, accidents, and total, utter assholes.

An emotional time for all involved, clearly.

And even though we've only seen the first episode of this year's series, we can already pretty much guess how things are going to play out (badly).

It's for that reasons that we've decided to create a drinking game based on Love Island that's sure to keep you sipping away/downing everything in sight.

(Feel free to play the following game with alcohol, fruit juice, or if you need that extra bit of hydration, water.

We won't judge.)

1. Take a shot anytime Jack mentions pens

2. Take a shot anytime Samira complains about being alone

3. Drink for 10 seconds anytime Dani tells someone that her dad is Danny Dyer

4. Waterfall anytime Jack says he went to Turkey to get his teeth done

5. Take a shot when Eyal says the word 'holistic' or says that's vegan (because he will)

6. Rotate drinks whenever Dr Alex looks upset

7. Take a shot whenever someone unnecessarily wears heels with a bikini

8. Take a shot anytime Hayley doesn't understand a word or phrase or what's happening in general

9. Drink for 20 seconds when Caroline Flack walks into the villa featuring a slow mo effect

10. Take a shot anytime Niall comments on Adam's massive size

11. Waterfall anytime Adam intimidates everyone in the room

Enjoy the next two months, yeah.