People can't get over this bleak tweet shared by Disney 2 years ago

People can't get over this bleak tweet shared by Disney

SO #relatable.

The other day, Disney stuck up a tweet that wasn't very Disney of them at all but it definitely resonated with a lot of people.

It wasn't a nice tweet telling everybody to have a good day. It wasn't a very sad Up-based gif that reduced everybody to tears but was still on-brand.

It wasn't even a pic of Cinderella downing something out of a goblet with the caption "tfw the taxi arrives and you're not finished your pre drinks yet."

No, instead it was a gif a Pinocchio not moving with the caption "when someone compliments you, but you're dead inside."

Yeah, pretty grim.

It wasn't long before Disney quickly deleted the tweet, things got back to normal, and a social media intern got a bit of a bollocking, presumbably.

In that sweet interim of time though when the tweet was still available, people screenshotted it.

They screenshotted it a lot.

Still though, it's probably fair to go ahead and say that nobody who saw the tweet was actually offended by it.

After all, who doesn't feel dead inside on the regular and use Twitter as an outlet for their pain?

Instead, people simply empathised with the poor soul who had shared the gif, wondering who they were and where they are now, and wishing them every happiness in their future endeavours... wherever they may be.

There was also a lot of empathy.

Never forget.