People can't stop giggling at this girl queuing at a shop till 5 years ago

People can't stop giggling at this girl queuing at a shop till

In the Summer weather, in the rare event that it's hot, we all like to relax, kick back and let loose.

Whether it be sitting out your back garden butt naked or wearing an old swimsuit that you should've thrown out years ago, it's nice to just chill when the sun is out.


There's a lovely sense of freedom when you're walking down the road feeling the sun on your face and underneath your feet and its a feeling I certainly hope to be replicating this Bank Holiday weekend.


One girl in the US was lapping up all the rays the sun had to offer, and she was captured picking up a few groceries in her local shop.

The photo in particular has attracted serious viral attention as it features three girl bikini-clad, queuing to wait their turn to be served. An innocent snap, it shows three girls in their togs waiting to be served but there's one detail in the picture that is giving people a serious laugh.


Want to guess why? Well, it's not because they're wearing bikinis and everyone else in the shop is fully clothed. It's also not the facial expression of the bemused cashier.


Can you see it?

What most people are picking up on is the fact that the girl in the middle is in fact wearing a court-ordered monitor device around her right ankle. The ACCESSORY of Summer 2016 ladies.


Even better, the clever beach-goer even took to wrapping her ankle monitor in what looks to be duct tape, to a) keep it dry and b) perhaps to stop it picking up her location so she can have a nice beach day?

The picture, uploaded to Imgur warranted hilarious comments such as "at least we know she only likes 100m walks on the beach" and "should leave a fun tan line"... Gas.

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