People share things their dogs found on walks and it's heartwarming 11 months ago

People share things their dogs found on walks and it's heartwarming

What did your dog find?

A ball? A cat? A lasagne in a bush by a graveyard?

It does happen, you know.

You'd have a hard time bringing a dog out for a walk and not having them distracted by something or other.

There's a whole world out there to investigate and be delighted by and you know that dogs absolutely have to experience it all.

And find some nifty little prizes along the way.

So if you, like us, enjoy reading about all things dog and the things that dogs have discovered, this is absolutely the Twitter thread for you.

For the first time, the stories of dogs finding things on their walks and how these things affected the rest of their dog lives have been recording in one place.

And what they found was simply beautiful.

It all started when Twitter user Chris Bramwell tweeted a photo of her dog, Dusty, having a look inside a bush.

According to Chris, Dusty found half a pie in the bush a month ago and since then both dog and owner must inspect the Magic Pie Bush every day.

... And then he found a tennis ball.


People were, of course, only delighted by Dusty's pie-based find.

So, they too decided to share some things that their own dogs found and how their lives changed for the better since that day.

The list did not disappoint.