People are 'womanspreading' all over Instagram and the pics are gas 1 year ago

People are 'womanspreading' all over Instagram and the pics are gas


We've all been victims of it.

It happens on public transport, in the privacy of our own homes, on the bus, at work, on the train, on the luas...

Since the beginning of time, men have been sitting beside women and spreading their legs causing us to remain squashed in our seats.

It's a pretty big deal and only recently have people began speaking out about the practice known most-commonly as 'manspreading.'

And yet the question still remains as to why men feel the need to spread their legs this wide at all.

What are they hiding there that requires so much space?

What secrets do the middle of their legs hold?

To be honest, we're not really all that interested in the answers to those questions.

What we are interested in, however, is the people who have started 'womanspreading' on Instagram - mainly because the pictures are gas and also iconic.

Please never stop, ladies.

We need this kind of positivity in our lives.