This guy had a hilarious run-in with his driving instructor 2 years ago

This guy had a hilarious run-in with his driving instructor

This is a warning to all future learner drivers.

Learning to drive is an experience in itself.

It's hard to learn how to manoeuvre a car, keep your correct position on the road and pay heed to all the signs and signals - take it from a current learner driver.

One British man, Matt Connell was learning how to drive with his driving instructor, taking lessons every week to prepare for his big test.

In preparing for his test, Matt was enquiring about extra lessons ASAP to get his desired result.

Sending his driving instructor a text to confirm more lessons, Matt was more than surprised at the response he got from his narky driving tutor.

The local driving instructor expresses his annoyance at Matt booking other lessons with a different company, acting like a scorned ex-girlfriend.

Posting on Twitter, with the caption "Fuckinhell, why is my driving instructor acting as if I have cheated on him?", the texts look absolutely hilarious.



Twitter users had a right giggle at the response Matt got:

This story gives quite a literal meaning to driving someone crazy eh?

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