10 Things... We Learned About Life from Disney Songs 8 years ago

10 Things... We Learned About Life from Disney Songs

Consider this your new inspirational playlist.

Disney fans will already know that the musical numbers are the jewel in the crown of some of their finest movies, but how much attention are you giving to the message? Don't worry, we're here to help with the definitive list of life lessons we've all learned from Disney songs.



Be The Hero of Your Own Life

No matter how small you might feel at times, you are the heroine of your own lifetime. You can achieve anything you set your mind too, no matter how impossible it may seem at the outset. You go girl.


Concentrate On Your Needs, Not Your Wants

The best things in life come free to us. Pare back the wish lists and the wants, and concentrate on what you actually NEED in life. Bonus lesson from this one: a good old boogie never hurts.

Always Be Prepared 


The best villain Disney ever put on the big screen, dastardly lion Scar borrowed from the boy scouts for his life motto. While Hakuna Matata may have been more widely adopted by fans of The Lion King, real life has taught us that 'no worries' is a really difficult mantra to maintain. Be prepared is a far more appropriate way to think about life. It's just a shame Scar didn't take his own advice...

Sometimes You Just Have To Let It Go

There comes a point in life when you have to say screw it. If you've tried and tried and tried to do what's expect of you, and you've wound up miserable, it's time to stop spending your life pleasing other people. Life is short, think about what makes you happy.


Appreciate Where You Are

Faraway hills are green, or 'the seaweed is always greener in somebody else's lake'. If you spend your time wishing to be somewhere else, with someone else, doing something else, you'll never be happy. Want a change? Go for it. But don't let time pass you by while you do it. Appreciate where you are and who you're with - these times won't come around again.


Anything is Possible


Impossible is nothing. After all, these crows saw an elephant fly. Don't write off anything in life... you never know what wonder is just around the corner.


Surround Yourself with Good Friends

Fair enough, you might struggle to find a friend quite this impressive, but it's good practice in life to surround yourself with people who will do anything for you, and for whom you'd return the favour. Sure, they may not be able to magic you up a flying carpet or a royal title, but think more along the lines of the friend who drives over with a chicken fillet roll and a Diet Coke when you're suffering the effects of a long night... now you're on the right track.

Find A Job You Love

The saying goes "find a job you love and you'll never work a day in your life". Chances are you spend eight hours a day in your workplace. That's a third of your life (for five days a week anyway). If you're miserable in your job, that's a LOT of time spent being miserable. The dwarves worked all day for no pay, which we absolutely do not advocate, but find a workplace you can be cheerful in. That's important.


Make People Feel Welcome

How you behave had a massive effect on those around you, so strive to always make those in your life feel welcome there. This lovely sentiment is best summed up by the occupants of an enchanted castle. Let's just skip over the fact that Belle was a prisoner - that wasn't the candlestick's fault. And if you're going to be trapped anywhere, it might as well be in a castle with a never-ending buffet.

Be One With Nature

It's easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle, but some of the greatest wonder and beauty in the world is found far from the cities and towns. Mother Nature has made it so that we call a very special part of the world home. Get out there and appreciate it more. It's good for your soul.