31 Songs That Rocked Our Teenage Lives 6 years ago

31 Songs That Rocked Our Teenage Lives

There are no years as emotional and thought-provoking as your teenage years.. or so they say..

Nonetheless, the drama would not have been half as big if you didn’t have the perfect soundtrack to go along with it.


Here’s some of our favourite songs that will always bring back memories of those angst-filled years..


Wheatus - Teenage Dirtbag

Ah many an hour was spent shouting this out as you could like totally relate to it

Video via YouTube/WheatusVEVO

The Offspring - Pretty Fly for A White Guy

A revolution of its time, this was the summer track of 1998.
Video via YouTube/offspringtvVEVO

Nirvana - Smells Like Teen Spirit


Ah the early ninties, Nirvana were the kings and their lyrics were our motto. Post 1994 the lyrics became all the more powerful and a generation of head bangers were born.

Video via YouTube/NirvanaVEVO

Bloodhound Gang – Bad Touch

Hmm... how many young spotty teenage lads thought they were chatting you up with the words, “You and me baby ain’t nothing but mammals…” oh the flirtatious moves of the past.

Video via YouTube/BloodhoundGangVEVO

Robbie Williams – Angels

The song broke hearts across the world. Girls weeped, slow dances became slower and the world just made sense with this song. Robbie rocked us all out with Rock DJ soon after.

Video via YouTube/robbiewilliamsvevo


Bon Jovi – It’s My Life

Another "scream at the top of your voice" song, Bon Jovi knew exactly how you were feeling and put it into rocking words for you to blare to your heart’s content.

Video via YouTube/BonJoviVEVO

Eiffel 65 - Blue

This song is still a smash hit when it’s played now, and coupled with the obsession with the blue lollies you could get for 10 cent in the shop that turned your tongue blue (was that just us?!) it was amazing.
Video via YouTube/Q-D.O.K crew


The Tamperer featuring Maya – What's She Gonna Look Like

This song was full of anger and frustration – the perfect fit for our teenage rebellion.

Video via YouTube/Mohamed Boug

Alanis Morrissette – Ironic

Again, Alanis was the soundtrack of the teenage angst. Her songs had meaning, her lyrics spoke to you and she was basically able to look inside your head. Everything was ironic for us in those days.

Video via YouTube/Alanis Morissette


Tenacious D – Tribute

Alas a bit more towards the later teens (hmm, are we giving away our age a bit) this genius song was literally that.. genius.. there are no words, our minds were blown.

Video via YouTube/tenaciousDVEVO

Oasis – Wonderwall

The usual Oasis vs Blur fight could never even register if you took into account Oasis’ iconic Wonderwall. Coupled with Don't Look Back in Anger they were the only two songs to be sung on your guitar at a house party.

Video via YouTube/Oasis

Lou Bega - Mambo N0 5

We all wanted to hear our names in this song and screamed it as loud as we could when it did feature.

Video via YouTube/LouBegaVEVO

Fatboy Slim – Praise You

The video was a sensation, the song a massive hit. Genius.
Video via YouTube/Fatboy Slim

Run DMC vs Jason Nevins – It’s Like That

Again, lyrics that spoke volumes to us - we were able to rap every single line.

Video via YouTube/RUNDMCVEVO

Vengaboys – Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom

The Vengaboys that sparked so many rows over whether you were pronouncing them correctly (venga or benga – we still don’t know).

Video via YouTube/Vengaboys

Aqua - Barbie Girl

A song that we liked to sing semi tongue-in-cheek but secretly knew every word to.

Video via YouTube/AquaVEVO

Greenday – Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)

The Leaving Certificate graduation song for about ten years running, we sang this with passion and sadness as we headed for the greener pastures of college.

Video via YouTube/Green Day 

Spice Girls – Spice up Your Life

It wouldn’t be a proper look back at the teenage years without a Spice Girls mention. There were too many good ones to choose from.

Video via YouTube/emimusic

DJ Oatis – Hey Baby

Again rewind to the youth club disco and everyone undoubtedly shouted “Ooh Ah” at just the right moment.

Video via YouTube/hlxino

Smokie - Living Next Door to Alice

There was nothing bolder and more daring than singing the chorus to this song in full. You were cool as.
Video via YouTube/HDClipsMusic

Scooter – The Logical Song

Scooter was the undisputed king of dance music for most of the 1990s and this was the soundtrack of youth club discos.

Video via YouTube/ScooterVEVO

Stain’d – It’s Been A While

Stain’d stormed into the charts with this song and Outside. Perfect when you were brooding over a love lost.

Video via YouTube/Atlantic Records

Chumbawamba – I Get Knocked Down

The song that helped you no matter what life threw in your face. You were always able to “get back up again.”

Video via YouTube/TheSoaron

Cascada – Everytime we Touch

Be it the fast version or the slow version this song was one of the favourites.

Video via YouTube/SteveAATW

Boyzone – Father and Son

Yes, cringe though you all may, Boyzone deserve the mention as they dominated the charts of the 1990s. Father and Son was a poignant tune released around Christmas.

Video via YouTube/BoyzoneVEVO 

Alicia Keyes – Fallin’

The piano. The voice. The stunner. We wanted to be Alicia Keyes, or at least be able to sing like her. OMG.

Video via YouTube/aliciakeysVEVO

Notorious B.I.G – Hypnotize

Who could forget that scene in Ten Things I Hate About You when she gets up on the table and rocks it before falling perfectly into Heath Ledgers arms.. sigh.

Video via YouTube/monicabee

Blur – Parklife

We knew most of the words to all Blur songs, but this one in particular stuck out. We always got up whenever we wanted too... eh we wished!
Video via YouTube/emimusic

Elton John - Candle in the Wind

Most people remember where they were in 1997 when the news broke that Princess Diana had died. Elton wrote this song for her.

Video via YouTube/gabriela2415

Dawson's Creek - I Don't Wanna Wait

Dawson and Joey were part of our evening fill of drama.. even though they looked about 20 when they were meant to be 15..add this to My So-Called Life (well hello there Jared Leto) and our TV viewing was well and truly sorted.

Video via YouTube/ralphmysta

Take That – Never Forget

Hearts were broken around the world when Take That announced their split and their Never Forget song was screamed back at them by thousands of heartbroken fans with tears streaming down their faces.

Video via YouTube/TakeThatVEVO

And finally, the special mention....

Richie Kavanagh – Aon Focal Eile

We know this was technically more of a primary school thing, but who else thought the lyrics were awful bold (but great fun to sing)?
Video via YouTube/E Ryan