Accessories! Stand-out added extras for your music festival attire 3 years ago

Accessories! Stand-out added extras for your music festival attire

When it comes to festival style, we can often end up spending an arm and a leg on pieces that we’ll never be able to incorporate into our daily wardrobe.

And while a festival is the perfect place to experiment with our style, we don’t think it should cost as much as the ticket.


So we’ve been on the hunt for some seriously stylish accessories that you can add to some of your wardrobe staples to create the perfet festival look.

And an added bonus, you won’t have to lug a huge gear bag filled with tonnes of clothes through a mucky field.

1. Beautiful belts

There’s no escaping the corset trend thanks to celebrities like Kylie Jenner and Bella Hadid and no doubt they’ll be a firm favourite at festivals this year. We love this embroidered version which will make the perfect addition to any simple summer dress or oversized tee.

2. Crowning glory

Flower crowns are so 2013, and now it’s all about the mermaid crown. Yes, the mystical update is the new ‘it’ piece and we love this cheap and cheerful Boohoo version.


3. Bumbag belt

If you’re not about the corset belt, and are looking for something a little more practical, we’ve found just the thing for you. This gorgeous bumbag is equal parts stylish and handy. The perfect size for your phone, a bit of cash and your sunnies, this is on our must-have list for this festival season.

4. All-in-one


Festivals are also a time when people test how many necklaces they can wear at any one time. We’re far too minimalist (lazy) to be bothered with that, so we’ll be opting for an all-in-one piece like this beauty from New Look.

5. Hats off

If the sun happens to rear its head, then a sun hat will be your best friend. We can hear our mothers yelling at us now to put a hat on, and we’ll be reaching for this Topshop gem.