Adele invited her drag queen lookalike to join her on stage 4 years ago

Adele invited her drag queen lookalike to join her on stage

Just another reason to love Adele.

Throughout Adele's massive tour that began in February there has been no shortage of brilliant stories.


From inviting fans to join her on stage and inviting Irish musicians to play with her to providing a Voice of Ireland winner with tickets, it seems that Adele is a lover of fan interaction.

So it was no surprise that she asked another of her biggest fans to join her on stage recently in Seattle.

And while we have come across plenty of Adele doppelgangers in that past, this drag queen seriously gives Adele a run for her money.

Adele welcomed the drag queen and celebrity impersonator, named Kristie Champagne, up on stage, much to her immense excitement.

Instagram user lawdad shared the moment it happened.


Kristie also shared her own video of the two hugging.

The pair look identical while on stage, with matching blonde bobs and sparkling sequined dresses.

Kristie is a die-hard Adele fan who started a social media campaign to get to meet her.


Writing on Instagram the impersonator said:

"Getting to impersonate adele is a dream...I hope she will make my dream come true to meet her at her concert in Seattle!

Help by resharing and tagging adele on twitter and facebook!"

Kristie even handmade the amazing dress she wore at the show.



Safe to say Kristie's life was made that night!