Brian McFadden's new album has sold less than 600 copies since its release 4 years ago

Brian McFadden's new album has sold less than 600 copies since its release

Ah jesus...

It's bad news for Brian McFadden today lads.


The singer's new album Otis has flopped, and is currently sitting outside the top 65 in the midweek chart.

The record is an album of Otis Redding covers, and has sold just 600 copies since its release.

A source told The Sun Online:

"Brian McFadden's new album has flopped despite making the Dancing On Ice semi finals."


"It is currently outside the top 65 in the midweek chart - which means it has sold less than 600 copies in 3 days."

Pretty grim.

brian mcfadden

"It's a massive difference compare to Westlife who are selling out arenas for their comeback tour."


"It's even more gutting for Brian as he was snubbed for the massive comeback."

However, Brian has insisted that he's not overly upset about the poor performance of his album, dubbing it a "passion project".

"Otis is an independent release and a personal project," Brian said.

"We didn't expect it to be a big commercial album, it was a labour of love and a foray for me into another musical style."


brian mcfadden

"We aren't touring the album until April, the chart position isn't important, it's an underground release and we are expecting it to be around for a while... people will discover it for themselves."

"I loved making it and I'm really happy with it. I can't wait to get out on the road to perform it."

"Let Westlife and Boyzone worry about the charts, they've got big heavy weight budgets behind them to promote their releases."

"This isn't about that, I'm just enjoying being solo and performing. Although for the last 6 months it's all been about ice skating for me!"