"Cheryl is Livid" - Tempers Flare on X Factor As Behind The Scenes Showdown Kicks Off 8 years ago

"Cheryl is Livid" - Tempers Flare on X Factor As Behind The Scenes Showdown Kicks Off

All is not rosy behind the scenes of the X Factor as it has been reported that Cheryl and Mel B are having a tense standoff following the elimination of Stereo Kicks on Sunday night.

According to reports, Cheryl is furious that Mel B opted to send home Lauren Platt on the night, and although things looked tense while on camera, it apparently all kicked off when the cameras stopped rolling.


On the night, Cheryl took a dig at Mel saying, “I find it amazing that the critiques have been a certain way for weeks, then when it comes to this part, it changes. That amazes me.”

Mel B did not respond and later stood by her decision on The Xtra Factor on Sunday.

According to The Sun however, once the cameras were switched off, Spice Girl Mel challenged Cheryl about her comments during the voting.

“After a tense exchange, the pair refused to look at each other,” states the newspaper, before claiming that a show insider added, “Over the years, there have been a lot of rumours of spats between the judges. Some have been serious, others have been blown out of proportion, but what happened between Cheryl and Mel B on Sunday night was real.


“Cheryl was livid,” the insider continued. “It will take a while before they’re back on good terms.”

According to the report, Louis Walsh is also furious following Simon Cowell’s decision to send the vote to deadlock… though Louis himself is no stranger to dodging voting decisions on the show – a taste of his own medicine perhaps?

Video via YouTube/The X Factor UK