The Coronas' Dave McPhillips announces he is leaving the band after 12 years 3 years ago

The Coronas' Dave McPhillips announces he is leaving the band after 12 years

"I’ve loved every second of it."

The Coronas' Dave McPhillips has announced that he is leaving the band after 12 years.


The guitarist said that hectic schedules and touring had caused him to reconsider his place in the band, and that after December he is going to "take a step back."

He made the announcement this weekend on The Coronas' social media, saying that he was looking forward to pursuing "other ambitions."

"For the last 12 years I have had the privilege to travel the world and play music with my best friends and together make countless new friends along the way," he wrote.

"I’ve loved every second of it and won’t be able to put into words what it has meant to me and my family.


"However, such a long time living a touring schedule that has always been hard to predict, I have known in my heart for the last 6 months that I need to take a break and pursue other ambitions I have always had."

Dave, who had been a member of The Coronas since the release of their first album, said that he is still "best friends and brothers" with the band, and that he will continue to see himself "as a Corona."

"I’ve been lucky enough to play on the next album and as our fans always say we ‘get better and better with each album ‘ I can tell u on this occasion that is definitely the case," he said.

"I don’t know what the next chapter holds but I have no doubt we will share a stage again."


Dave said that after the band's The Long Way Home tour concludes at the end of the year, he plans to take a step back.

He thanked those who supported him throughout his career with The Coronas and said that he was looking forward to his final gigs.

The Coronas released their first studio album in 2007.

They have since gone on to release four records, win best album at the 2010 Meteor Music Awards, and support Justin Timberlake.