Garth Brooks reportedly planning a series of Croke Park concerts 1 year ago

Garth Brooks reportedly planning a series of Croke Park concerts

Here we go....

It has been reported that country music star Garth Brooks is planning a series of gigs in Dublin's Croke Park next year.


According to Virgin Media News, negotiations for the concerts are being finalised, with the aim of him performing across multiple dates in September 2022. However, Aiken Promotions and Croke Park are yet to comment on the reports.

Seven years ago, Brooks had to cancel all his shows at Croke Park due to a highly publicised dispute with Dublin City Council. The Council announced that they were only granting the singer a license for three of the five planned concerts. Brooks, however, insisted on playing all five shows or none at all. The Council would not grant licenses for the other two gigs, and in the end the musician cancelled his entire sold out leg in Ireland.

All 400,000 ticket refunds were issued to fans.

The event was the fastest-selling event that Aiken Promotions had ever been involved in, and, if it went ahead, it would have been Brooks' first Irish gig since 1997.


Twitter users wasted no time in reacting to reports of a possible Garth Brooks return - and many worried history might repeat itself.

Marty Whelan wrote: "Ready to recommence the dance... #GarthBrooks for Croke Park?"


Another Twitter user wrote: "Imagine this was a time loop and the Garth Brooks announcement was just time starting again."


A third said: "nine months of Garth Brooks discourse let's do this. The only thing that could top this would be if we somehow got Roy Keane to leave Saipan again."

For some people, the Garth Brooks/Dublin City Council feud was the first time they heard about the country singer. Having said that, Brooks has legions of fans all around the world.


Noting his astronomical popularity, one Twitter user wrote: "Here's an absolutely fucking mind boggling figure but more people had Garth Brooks tickets in Ireland than have gotten Covid. You're statistically more likely to know someone that had one than had Covid. And a f**king rake of people had Covid."