Here's why the music at this year's Electric Picnic is LIFE 3 years ago

Here's why the music at this year's Electric Picnic is LIFE

Supported by Heineken Live Your Music

Yes, the epic festival that is Electric Picnic is heading our way once more!

This year’s line-up, we have to say, is pretty superb! Annie-Mac, Birdy, Mura Masa, Mano le Tough, Elbow, London Grammar and Pixx… the beautiful list is endless! With a broad array of genres and styles, there’s something for everyone.

But now, Heineken have made it something even more outstanding with their unique twist on all the happenings in September. On their very own, state of the art Live Your Music stage, sensational acts such as The Magician, DJ Yoda, Lo Cutz, Claire Beck, Tara Stewart, Fulton & Gold plus Mona Lxsa are just some to be hitting the stellar Heineken space.

Besides getting into the grind of the music – dancing, bopping and feeling that tremendous beat -  the Live Your Music space is something quite extraordinary. Heineken is host to Electric Picnic’s first-ever 360-degree lighting rig, along with CO2 cannons, over 20 DJs and MCs - all powered by the crowd. The mesmerising display is known as the Starmometer!

Sounds very fancy altogether. But what’s TRULY impressing us at this very moment is the fact that it will read your mind – well essentially. Every noise, beat, pulse, movement, gesture plus the temperature of the crowd will cause a series of surprises to be unleashed! So basically, YOU control those festival vibes! Magic.

Arveene, from the hip-house act Bon Voyage, will also be performing at the Heineken Live Your Music space. She said,

"There’s really no substitute for that feeling when you drop a beat and the crowd comes together to create incredible music moments. We're excited to play for that bumper crowd at the Heineken Live Your Music space at Electric Picnic. It’ll be large!"

Indeed it will Arveene, indeed it will!

Supported by Heineken Live Your Music.

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