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Hot Dates and Classic Tunes - Laura Whitmore Takes Some Time Out
In her latest column for, MTV presenter Laura Whitmore talks about chilling out in the sunshine with some great music - and a hot date...

Finding new music to listen to is always a toughie. There's an abundance of ridiculously talented artists out there and, to be fair, so many 'not so good'! Despite the stack of CDs gathering dust next to my sound system at home, and the increasing amount of downloaded albums on my iTunes that I often have no recollection of purchasing, I always seem to go for a classic album - cue The Joshua Tree, Jagged little Pill, Screamadelica, O, Exile on Main St... eh Spice World... I could go on.

It was really exciting that this year Paul Simon, (to quote my mother; 'Is he still alive?'), headlined Hard Rock Calling in Hyde Park and vowed to play the whole of his classic 'Graceland' album.... as well as some other classics from the Simon and Garfunkel vault.

Two weekends in a row I've found myself in London's Royal Hyde Park, aka the Queen's backyard, but thankfully the messy mud bath from Wireless had dried up. And, dare I say it, the sun came out! 

After a hectic schedule in Ireland the previous day, it was just what the doctor ordered. Warm weather and a classic album, played live by a true legend. Oh, and the hot date helped too….





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