Irish collective release new female empowerment pop anthem 1 year ago

Irish collective release new female empowerment pop anthem

Absolute banger, in fairness.

A few years back songwriters Chloë Agnew and Ele Breslin wrote a song that they had never intended to perform themselves.


Called 'WB' the track was created to be pitched to a popular girl group and was one uniquely steeped in empowerment, girl power, and female solidarity.

This month, as part of The X Collective, Agnew and Breslin released their track, along with the added vocal talents of Senita, Toshín and Gemma Bradley. 

The result, they say, is a female pop anthem with an empowering energy not too dissimilar to that of 2001’s Lady Marmalade. It's a track perfect for a gals night out, pounding it at the gym, or desperately trying to move on from the person who did you dirty. 


Sounds like our kind of song, really.

Agnew, a singer songwriter from Dublin, says that she and Ele had a great laugh writing the song together, and that the track is one she is immensely proud of.

"We immediately knew we were composing something neither of us had ever envisioned writing before," she says, "but the power of collaborating gave us an opportunity to experiment with different sounds and styles to produce something that is unlike any other song in either of our catalogues of music as artists."


"Inviting along some badass female artists, Senita, Toshín and Gemma Bradley along with some of Ireland’s finest musicians elevated this song to a whole new place and completely brought it to life," she goes on. 

"It is the essence of bringing together people from different musical backgrounds to create something unique that I hope will resonate with anyone who listens to it.”

Ele, also known as ZAPHO, adds that the single was never actually intended to be performed, but her collaboration with the other artists, "was like being a kid in a candy store."

"All the different vocals blending and harmonising was amazing to produce," she says. "This song musically always felt old school to me. It needed that 90’s gritty saxy high energy feel, something familiar but new.


"The collective was an amazing source for connecting with other creatives who helped bring the vision to life sonically, musically and visually."

We certainly do, anyway. Now we just need a club to go dance to it in.

You can check out our interview with X Collective funder Emily Shaw here, and check out the incredible video for WB below: