Jade Thirlwall shared a poignant IG post ahead of Jesy's Little Mix announcement 5 months ago

Jade Thirlwall shared a poignant IG post ahead of Jesy's Little Mix announcement

And the breakup drama continues...

First Jesy leaves Little Mix, then it's reported that they're all planning on leaving, and now there's some cryptic messages being posed on Insta.


It's like an actual breakup between people we actually know, and we just can't help but watch it all unfold.

The girls are yet to speak out about the situation publicly. The most we know for certain is that Jesy would be taking more time off from the band "for private medical reasons".

Then yesterday Jade Thirlwall, shared a post that her boyfriend Jordan Stephens posted - a very detailed quote about pain and how "it eases."

The singer posted the message on her Instagram story a few hours before the news that Jesy was leaving the band broke.


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We're not at all sure if it had anything to do with Jesy stepping away, but the timing of it makes it seem like it had something to do with the news.

The quote reads: "It rarely feels like it, but the pain eases. It fades. It flashes. It curls like the first bit of butter. Melts on the toast. Compliments the heaviness.

"It gets stuck in your gut. Does cartwheels. Tells you nasty stories. Reminds you of itself. Tricks you into not treating others like you wish you could. Tries to leave. Pretends to leave. Tastes like s**t. Gets stuck at the lights. Doesn't indicate. Arrives. Leaves. Breathes. Morphs into joy. Blossoms. Digs. Lies about time."


It goes on: "Folds into your pocket. Gets lighter. Becomes unremarkable. Catches you in mid-air. Tries to be mysterious but often fails. Wonderfully, it beats itself with experience. Learns the words to its greatest hits. Switches on its blueprint. If you listen, it'll tell you the answers. Decipher its own echo.

"The deepest cuts are the best ones on the album. They don't ask for approval. Take longer to love. Pain's a palette cleanser. A ticket out of delusion. It's hard when you're in it. But we learn. We grow. It fades. It flashes."

We will keep you updated as the drama continues.