Janet Jackson has announced she is expecting a baby 6 years ago

Janet Jackson has announced she is expecting a baby

Last we heard from pop icon Janet Jackson, she had postponed her tour in order to start a family with her husband, Wissam Al-Mana.

The 49-year-old had said it was important that she take the time to try for a baby now, and was resting on doctor's orders.


Well, it looks like there will be a baby for the singer and her husband very soon.

Entertainment Tonight has confirmed that the singer is pregnant with her first child.


She had posted a video on Twitter a month ago telling fans about her rationale behind cancelling the tour.

“We’re in the second leg of the tour and there actually has been a sudden change.I thought it was important that you be the first to know. My husband and I are planning our family, so I’m going to have to delay the tour.”

“Please, if you could try and understand that it’s important that I do this now. I have to rest up, doctor’s orders. But I have not forgotten about you. I will continue the tour as soon as I possibly can."