Jay-Z finally responds to Beyoncé's controversial Lemonade album 2 years ago

Jay-Z finally responds to Beyoncé's controversial Lemonade album

Jay-Z Christ.

It could be argued that Jay-Z has taken his fair ol' time commenting on his wife's latest fiery musical offering - Lemonade.

The album featured a number of tracks portraying Beyoncé as an angry woman, hell-bent on destroying her cheating partner's life.

Beyoncé's cutting lyrics and palpable fury in the album's tracks shocked many spectators who have admired her squeaky clean image and flawless 8-year marriage to Jay-Z throughout her career.

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Lemonade had listeners CONVINCED that Jay-Z had done the dirty on the Halo singer, but considering Bey and Jay are notoriously private about the relationship, neither of the two confirmed whether the cheating rumours were true.

It's only now that the 99 Problems rapper has made some references and recognised the existence of the hit album.


Jay-Z made an appearance on a remix of Fat Joe's All the Way Up (only available on Tidal), freestyling lyrics that only HE could have written.

“You know you made it when the fact / your marriage made it is worth millions / Lemonade is a popular drink and it still is.”

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Erm... Ok.

Not really the detailed explanation we've been anticipating. If anything, his verse just leaves us more bemused.

Some of my personal theories include that Jay thinks Lemonade is a symbol for their marriage? AKA their marriage is still 'popular'/going strong?

I honestly don't know what to think anymore. I've lost too much sleep over Lemonade at this stage.