Jessie Ware on lockdown life, new music, and surviving a cheese hangover 3 months ago

Jessie Ware on lockdown life, new music, and surviving a cheese hangover

As far as sound people go, Jessie Ware is up there.

She is honestly BFF material. Chat for about fifteen minutes or so and you'll find yourself dying to go for a glass of wine with her. Or two.

In that short amount of time, Jessie told me all about her learnings from lockdown, her relationship with her husband, and the exciting new tunes featuring on her upcoming album, What's Your Pleasure? 

Oh, she also explained was "a cheese hangover" is. As if we didn't know.

Lucky for fans and soon-to-be fans, Jessie's new album is out later this month and her new single 'Save a Kiss' is already out now.

The track was originally written about the time she spent away from her family while working, but the words took on new meaning when the lockdown happened.

"The words really resonate now," she tells Her. "By complete accident."

"It's been amazing being with [my family] and promoting a record in this time.

"My husband and I get on so crazy well and that's been really nice because we're two kids. We've been together since we were 18 but we have a right old giggle together."

Jessie says her label were open to postponing the release of her new record until after the pandemic, but she didn't want to hold on - for that reason alone.

"Disco dance groove, that's what I've been really wanting to listen to in this time," she says.

"So why would I not put out a record that was ready? It was a no brainer. I think everyone is discussing music in a different way during lockdown. I definitely am."

Like the rest of us, Jessie has taken some of her time in lockdown to up-skill. She started with sourdough (which she is "killing"), and has since moved onto styling her daughter's hair.

"I'm working on the French plait," she says. "That's kind of my lockdown thing now."

Jessie's new album is out on June 19. You can check out her full interview with Her below: