Liam Payne shares the tracklist from his debut album and it's very telling 4 years ago

Liam Payne shares the tracklist from his debut album and it's very telling

Earlier today, Liam Payne announced that he has signed to Capitol Records.

It's a big day and I'll be surprised if I get to sleep at all tonight with what's going on. The future of One Direction is again uncertain and we need to sadly acknowledge that we're probably a bit further away from having a 1D reunion.


Nevertheless, we cannot and must not begrudge the lads having other interests at this time. Niall's off playing golf, Louis is off being a Dad, Harry is off acting and now Liam is heading back into the music industry.

We've acquired a preview of the tracklist from Liam's debut album and some of the track titles are VERY telling. We were sent the album by an anonymous source and we are choosing to believe it as legitimate.

Front Cover






We've been lucky enough to hear a sneak preview of the album and it's a fantastic body of work. Throughout the first track, Liam repeatedly sings "I always wanted to be in Girls Aloud" and it mixes his overwhelming sense of adoration for Cheryl with his satisfaction at having the ability to woo her. Truly powerful stuff.

Other standout tracks are "Wand Erection", which contains a very moving cowbell solo and reportedly features backing vocals from none other than series three winner of The All Ireland Talent Show, Daniel Furlong, and you're going to love "Hoovers Suck", a quirky little track about life's ironies that Alannis Morissette failed to truly capture.

Bay window with drapes, curtains and view of trees under summer sky

Keep an ear out for a very distinct sound during "I Am Not A Virgin" - apparently Liam's dog Watson is heard howling in the background during the second chorus, awww!


Overall, it's a brilliant album which shows a real sign of maturity from Liam. He's clearly moved on from his days as a "teeny bopper" and really growing into his own person. Keep an eye out for the record in all crap music stores from the end of August.