LISTEN: Two Primary School Teachers Perform Incredible Mashup 3 years ago

LISTEN: Two Primary School Teachers Perform Incredible Mashup

Shauna Morgan and Amy Kinane from Balbriggan have absolutely blown us away with their incredible mashup of Ed Sheeran and Justin Bieber.

The video was sent to us by reader Mairead Jules who writes:

“I'm so proud of them.”

We contacted Amy who told us her and Shauna had been friends for the past number of years.

Amy says:

“We're two best friends from Balbriggan who have been singing together for 3/4 years now. We went to Secondary school together but didn't know each other. I was in the year ahead of Shauna and we ended up going to the same college (Marino Institute of education) to study Primary school teaching.

“That's when we started singing together. We sing at weddings occasionally and gig every so often around Balbriggan. Last year, by chance we ended up working together in the same school so we never get a break from each other! Shauna teaches 1st class and I teach 2nd class in Balscadden National School”

Check out the mashup below:

Love Yourself & Thinking out loud mash up by Shauna and AmyWe have had a productive two days! We recorded a mash up of two great songs with two totally different meanings! :P We hope you enjoy it anyway! Justin Bieber Love Yourself & Ed Sheeran Thinking out Loud Mash up Shauna and Amy x

Posted by Shauna Morgan and Amy Kinane on Saturday, 19 March 2016