Looks like we might finally be getting another Adele album - and soon 11 months ago

Looks like we might finally be getting another Adele album - and soon

New music from Adele is on the way just as we were about to start chasing pavements...

This is a Christmas gift in its own right, new music from Adele! What have we done to deserve this?


According to sources the singer had a secret recording session in London meaning that she's working on new tunes and we are here for it!

It's been five years since she released her last album 25, so this is very exciting news in the music world. We've been waiting long enough.

Former Pearl Jam drummer Matt Chamberlain revealed the exciting news on The Eddie Trunk podcast on SiriusXM. He said: "I just got to work on some new music for Adele."

"To hear that voice in my headphones was getting me chills. It was just so powerful and emotive. You know her voice, but to be across the room from somebody doing that, it's just insane."

"You hear it on the radio and whatever and you go, 'Yeah, it's really good,' but to be in the room with these people and feel that energy, it's just so heavy."

He also revealed "she’s writing some new material with her songwriter Rick Nowels. ‘She wanted to do it with some drums and so we just put our masks on, she was in the room — yeah, holy s***."



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Earlier this year, Adele teased fans about new music when she was hosting SNL saying that a follow up album to 25 would be coming out - next year at the earliest.

After her appearance on the hit Saturday night show, she took to social media to tell fans: "I’m going back to my cave now to be the (single) cat lady that I am! Peace out til next year."

Some big changes have happened in Adele's life since she wrote her last album 25, last year splitting from husband Simon Konecki. So we're very much looking forward to hearing her new music.