Louis Tomlinson has blocked people from using this word on his social media 4 years ago

Louis Tomlinson has blocked people from using this word on his social media

He really doesn't like the term.

Instragram recently implemented a safety feature which allows you to flag certain words you don't like or find offensive.


You can select certain words that you don't want to see on your page and commenters will be blocked from using them on your photos.

It is assumed that most people will use it for curse words, offensive or abusive language, but Louis Tomlinson used it for something totally different.

The singer blocked the word 'Larry' from his page.

To most people, this seems odd, considering it's some random person's name, but die-hard fans will know what this is about.

Some 1D fans think that there is a special relationship between Louis and his bandmate Harry Styles. Speculators believe that the two may be romantically involved and use the couple name 'Larry' to highlight this.

Louis has long stated that this term and idea is ridiculous and that he is fed up with it.


The tweet above was written in 2012 so he's been fighting against the term for four whole years, so it's no wonder he's making use of Instagram's latest feature to lessen the Larry comments.

Of course, the ever zealous 1D fans found a way around poor Louis' ban on the word.


Instead, the Directioners just put a few extra R's in the word or space it out and some have even come up with a new name to combat the ban. "HOUIS LIVES ON".