Maroon 5's Super Bowl halftime show is being called 'the worst' in history 2 years ago

Maroon 5's Super Bowl halftime show is being called 'the worst' in history

I don't wanna know... any more about this performance because it is harrowing.

Look lads, Maroon 5 used to be class.


Songs About Jane? Defined my pre-teen years.

It Won't Be Soon Before Long? Questionable enough track list but overall gave me the brief sexual awakening that I required from Adam Levine at this time.

Hands All Over? Same as above yet vastly under appreciated.

And then, it all just sort of got a bit... dull.

Half the band's members left, about seven more of them joined, Maroon 5 essentially became Adam Levine and whatever other lad was hanging around at the time of recording.

Their songs lacked the originality and the general vibe that had made the band so popular in the first place. They had become generic - and they certainly weren't 'good' anymore.


All of the above distress and disappointment seemed to come to the fore during last night's Super Bowl halftime performance.

The band (or vague assortment of men and also Travis Scott) took to the stage during the New England Patriots v Los Angeles Rams game in Atlanta last night to blast out a flurry of their songs including This Love, She Will Be Loved, Sugar, Girl Like You, and Moves Like Jagger. 

It was, according to those who watched it at the time, "the worst" Super Bowl halftime performance in the history of the Super Bowl.




You can watch, eh, some of the performance over here: