LISTEN: New music from the Wild Youth lads, 'Champagne Butterflies' 3 months ago

LISTEN: New music from the Wild Youth lads, 'Champagne Butterflies'

New music Friday!

Get your phone out and get ready to introduce a terrifically colourful feel good track to your ears courtesy of Wild Youth.


Nothing brightens our spirits more than a good bop and you will be happy to hear that the Irish lads of Wild Youth have gone and made the ultimate bop.

Their new song Champagne Butterflies is out now on all streaming platforms and it's that feel good song that you didn't know you needed in your life.

This song is colourful, it's happy and it's very catchy. You'll be dancing around your house to Champagne Butterflies before you know it, trust me.

The lads describe the song as "mixing funk grooves, slick synth production and euphoric 80s flavours" and when you listen to it you'll know what they mean.


Band member Conor O'Donoghue says: "It's the celebratory butterflies that you feel when you meet someone and you fall for them for the first time. Everyone associates champagne with a celebration so it's like the good butterflies you get when you meet someone and you start to fall for them and the amazing things that come with that."

Lead singer Dave Whelan says it's one of his favourite songs of theirs. "It's a bop, it's an earworm, it's in your veins, you hear it and you want to move and you want to listen to it again. I've been looking forward to this one for a while."

Champagne Butterflies is the latest song to come from the band. They released 'Next to You' and 'Through the Phone' in 2020 which were both absolute bangers too. Over the years, they've changed their sound a little and it's proven to be a hit with fans all over the world.


There really is no stopping these guys now.

You can listen to Champagne Butterflies now and have a bop around your kitchen. Enjoy!