One Direction Play 'Tattoo Roulette' With James Corden 4 years ago

One Direction Play 'Tattoo Roulette' With James Corden

The One Direction boys appeared on the Late Late Show with James Corden and took part in one of the most intense talk show segments we have ever seen.

Tattoo Roulette, the brainchild of Corden himself saw each of the band members and Corden take a sealed box in a Deal Or No Deal style setup. Each of the boxes contained the word 'SAFE' except for one which contained the word 'TATTOO'.

The stakes for Niall and James were the highest as the two tattoo virgins of the group, and poor aul Niall's hands were shaking with nerves before the game started.

Thankfully for them both, Harry Styles got the cursed box and proceeded to have ' Late Late' tattooed on his arm. Considering he's absolutely covered in body art we doubt he even felt it.giphy

Look how relieved Niall looks! Bless him.

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