PSA: Beyoncé's most recent studio album, Lemonade, is finally on Spotify 3 years ago

PSA: Beyoncé's most recent studio album, Lemonade, is finally on Spotify

You can finally cancel your Tidal free trial!

Just kidding, Tidal is a legit streaming service and absolutely worth paying for.


Especially seeing as, for the past three years, it was the only place you could legally stream Lemonade, the Beyoncé album that changed the way we think about music, black culture, and also Jay-Z.

Lemonade was an experience. It was special.

It featured banger after banger after banger and it did not stop banging until the final boing in 'Formation' had had its day.

The only thing wrong with Lemonade (because there was nothing else wrong with Lemonade, alright?) was that it was only available on Tidal.


And yeah, you could just sign up for the streaming site and listen to it there, but you still couldn't add songs to playlists on your other streaming sites, you couldn't queue 'Sorry' to play right in the middle of your 'Fuck men' compilation.

It was an issue, but we got by. We dealt.

Until today, that is, because Lemonade has finally dropped on Spotify (and all other music streaming sites) and the post-Bank Holiday Tuesday just got a lot less tragic.


Beyoncé's sixth studio album arrived onto all platforms today, marking three years since its initial release on Tidal.

This comes less than a week after Beyoncé dropped her new live album, Homecoming to coincide with the release of her Netflix documentary of the same name.

The film, if you somehow haven't watched it yet, documents Beyoncé's iconic and era-defining 2018 Coachella performance.


The two hour show features guest appearances from Jay-Z, Destiny's Child, and Solange, as well as Beyoncé's hand-picked orchestra, selection of dancers, and a 'Partition' performance that will absolutely arouse you.

It was stunning. Go watch it.

And go listen to Lemonade on Spotify too. You can now.