Regret? 7 summer festival mistakes we've all made 3 years ago

Regret? 7 summer festival mistakes we've all made

We've all been there.

Listen, as much as we like to pretend we are festival veterans (yes, we were at the very first Oxegen and we will never let you forget it) even we have had our fair share of festival mishaps.

From leaky tents to unacceptable footwear there are a few mistakes that every festival-goer has to make at least once in their lives. It's practically a rite of passage.

Here are the top mistakes we unashamedly admit to. You live and you learn.

1. Not bringing any loo roll

''Sure they will have that in the portaloos won't they?" Wrong! Yes, the toilets will be fully stocked on day one but by day three you will be lucky to find a toilet with a seat never mind some loo roll. Always bring your own just in case.

2. Bringing extra shoes ''just in case''

Like those gorgeous suede tassel boots that you spent a fortune on. Bad idea. It's wellies or nothing folks this ain't Coachella.

3. Planning a weekend of fully accessorised summer-inspired outfits

Festivals aren't quite the fashion show a lot of people make them out to be. At the end of the first day, all you're going to want is something warm, comfy, and waterproof. Those picture-perfect outfits will inevitably go unworn unless there is a miraculous heat wave.

4. Not talking to the people in the tent next door

Listen, you're at a festival you might as well make friends. Don't shy away from putting yourself out there and meeting new people, that's what it's all about.

5. Wearing bodysuits, jumpsuits and playsuits

Yes, they might be stylish but it's just not fun trying to get them on and off inside a tiny two-person tent. They are a logistical nightmare to deal with in a portaloo as well.

6. Trying to fit too much in

It's tempting to try and see absolutely every act at a festival but unfortunately, that's rarely achievable. Instead, choose the main act you want to see each day and allow yourself some time to relax and explore all the different areas.

7. Forgetting to sleep

A festival is a marathon, not a sprint. You are going to need to sleep at some stage. Don't try to pull an all-nighter on the first night and remember that naps are key.