Remember Rebecca Black? Well, her new song Girlfriend is an actual bop 3 months ago

Remember Rebecca Black? Well, her new song Girlfriend is an actual bop

Would absolutely get down to this on Friday.

Rebecca Black first appeared on the music scene back in 2011 with her song Friday and it instantly went viral.


Unfortunately for the then 14-year-old it was for all the wrong reasons as music critics the world over slated it the worst song ever written.

Rebecca took a lot of the heat for how bad the song was despite the fact that she had nothing to do with writing it, she was just the vocalist.

In fact the abuse the teen received got so bad that Anaheim Police Department had to step in. Seriously, if you don't like a song to switch to another, don't threaten a child maybe?

Probably the most frustrating thing about the whole Friday shambles is that Rebecca Black is actually a phenomenal singer and her new song Girlfriend (which she had a hand in writing this time) is proof that she is she has what it takes to be a pop contender.

I have been listening to this song on repeat since it was released over the weekend and I'm absolutely raging that none of the nightclubs are open to have a proper bop to it.


Black came out as a member of the LGBT+ community in during an episode of the Dating Straight podcast in April 2020 actually reunited with her ex-girlfriend for the Girlfriend music video.

Saying that it looks like she's happy to share the love future a field as she wrote alongside her music video announcement; "u are now all my girlfriends."

Girlfriend has a real 80s bubblegum pop feel to it, as does the video, and is true blue pop at its finest.

Girlfriend already seems to be a huge hit with music critics, pop lovers and members of the LGBT+ community alike and I can well imagine this being one of 'the tunes' of 2021.