This may just be the best selfie of all time... 5 years ago

This may just be the best selfie of all time...

It may be the most perfectly timed ever.

And now a snap from this Bruce Springsteen fan is being shared by thousands across social media.


Jessica Bloom captured the ultimate selfie with The Boss during his concert in Sydney last week.

Seizing the moment, she jumped onto a chair in front of 21,000 fans, posed, clicked and managed to grab the most stunning shot imaginable.

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The Telegraph reports that Jessica, a PhD student at Sydney University, posted the picture on Instagram with the caption: "Selfie with The Boss" and got hundreds of responses.

Someone called it “the selfie of the year”, while another added: “You just won the internet. Beautiful photo!”

Meanwhile, on Reddit, another Springsteen fan shared a different perspective:


Best. Selfie. Ever.