Seven Things You May Not Have Known About... Garth Brooks 9 years ago

Seven Things You May Not Have Known About... Garth Brooks

There are so many things that we encounter on an almost daily basis that we never stop to think about some of the more interesting facts about them. From our favourite movies to food and makeup, we will attempt to bring you some random information that you will most definitely be able to use as a future party trick.

With the week that's in it and the fact that nobody is talking about this (everybody is talking about this) we thought we would turn our attention to the one and only, Mr. Garth Brooks.


1. Trisha Yearwood sings on 77 Garth Brooks songs.

Even though they didn't get together until after he divorced his first wife, Trisha sings on a whopping 77 Garth Brooks songs. In fact, Garth refuses to sing a love song with any other woman except her.


2. Garth wanted to be an athlete.


“I had a vision of every athletic heroism in the world,” he told the LA Times in 1992, “from hitting a home run in the World Series to the winning touchdown pass, but as far as music, I never knew what to expect.” Apparently, his success with a javelin paid for his tuition. Brooks played football, baseball and ran track and field.


3. He has a degree.

Brooks graduated from Oklahoma State University in 1984 with a degree in advertising. He certainly seems to know how to sell things alright!


4. He basically discovered Martina McBride.

Martina famously was discovered while selling t-shirts on the Garth Brooks tour. Now? Well, she's just a massive Country music star in her own right.

5. He's a pretty good friend to have.


Brooks attempted to donate part of his liver to his close friend, Chris LeDoux after the Country Music star suffered with liver ailments. However, Garth was proved incompatible. LeDoux received another donation but passed away in 2005.

6. He certainly believes in charity.

Garth is a believer in helping out a lot of charities. In fact, his Las Vegas dates were just played because he wanted to get some money donated to his Teammates for Kids foundation. In 2010, he played shows in Nashville to benefit those who were victims of a flood. He has also supported Habitat for Humanity for years.



7. He's a huge supporter of gay rights and marriage equality.

Brooks' half sister Betsy Smittle who sadly passed away was a lesbian and he credits her with his views on gay rights and marriage equality. In 2000, he appeared at Equality Rights benefit concert for Gay Rights and sang a duet with George Michael.