Soda Blonde: "So much talent has been highlighted over lockdown, we need to start supporting our own" 3 months ago

Soda Blonde: "So much talent has been highlighted over lockdown, we need to start supporting our own"

Supporting Irish music is important, especially nowadays when the events industry has taken a huge blow.

We can all appreciate how much joy music has brought to our lives.


And. especially now that gigs have stopped and may not return until next year, it's crucial that we support Irish acts in whatever way we can.

Well lucky for us, Irish band Soda Blonde are releasing new music and putting on a live gig tonight, that you can watch from the comfort of your own home.

Soda Blonde was formed last year and is made up of most of the members of Little Green Cars. This time around though they're making completely different music, and are more of an alt-pop act with a cinematic inspired feel.

Earlier this week, lead singer Faye O'Rourke told Her that this live show is very special. "This live stream is lie nothing else you've seen," she says.

It's important to dedicate time to Irish artists during these trying times, and Faye says the best way to support Irish bands is by requesting Irish music on the radio.


"We need to start supporting our own," she says. "There's been so much talent that's been highlighted over the lockdown that really needs to be supported by the industry here."

As well as the live gig tonight, Soda Blonde will also release new music tomorrow (September 24).

The new song is called 'Love Me World' and was written by Faye a few months ago. "We can all bend ourselves to fit within the Zeitgeist," she says on the track. "It's like we all want to be loved, and it was just questioning what are we actually doing to achieve that. "


We have so many talented musicians and singers here in Ireland, but unfortunately it has become the norm for bands to leave our island to make a name for themselves before eventually coming home.

That's why supporting talent when they're here is so important.


Soda Blonde's live show kicks off tonight at 8pm on social. You can find the link on their Instagram page here.