Terrible Rap Lyrics As Inspirational Quotes 5 years ago

Terrible Rap Lyrics As Inspirational Quotes

Rapping is something that is quite difficult to master.

Luckily, I have a very successful rap career, but some of my fellow rappers struggle to deliver consistently fire lyrics.


[For those of you not within the rap community, 'fire' means 'sick', and 'sick' means 'good'].

Ever the optimist, I believe that some of the worst rap lyrics deserve a second chance, so I've repurposed a small selection as inspirational quotes.

Kanye Quote

Wouldn't have had Kanye down as a blouse man, but fair play to him.

The life of a tree

Diddy / Puffy / P. Duffy, you are a vulgar, confusing but deeply inspirational man.


Renewable energy concept.Glowing light bulb. Space for text.

If there's one place to eat fondue, it's by the fire. Smart man, our Biebs.



Jay Z Quote


Beyoncé is one lucky, lucky lady.

Happy Young Couple Driving Along Country Road in Convertable at Sunset. Freedom Adevnture Roadtrip!

Don't be constrained to traditional animal noises, the world is your prawn!

Dr Dre Quote



DJ Spiral Quote

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