The Spice Girls are holding tryouts for their reunion tour 5 years ago

The Spice Girls are holding tryouts for their reunion tour

I am 21 years of age and I am happy to confess, my body is READY to audition.

The Spice Girls were not just a band or an idea, they were a way of life.


They brought us bangers such as Wannabe, Spice Up Your Life and 2 Become 1 and to date I still maintain that the world's biggest injustice was that Spiceworld:The Movie didn't win an Oscar.

It may come as bad and good news to fans that The Spice Girls are reportedly looking for members to take the places of two members.

It's been rumoured for years that the band would reunite and tour but it was confirmed that two Spice Girls weren't interested - Victoria Beckham and Mel C. *cries*

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It may come as consolation to many boys and girls still hoping for a reunion that the three remaining Spice Girls - Geri Halliwell, Mel B and Emma Bunton - are reportedly holding tryouts to replace the reluctant pair.

According to Life&Stylethe brazen trio are holding auditions for two new members.

A source confirmed the rather awkward news:


"The girls are going to be making a formal announcement about tryouts for their spots in the next few weeks... Posh and Sporty can be replaced.”


I can't decide if it's heartbreaking or hopeful news.

Would the Spice Girl magic still exist with two new people singing and shimmying to their anthems? Only time will tell.