The Spice Girls' biggest hit has been remade for an exceptional cause 6 years ago

The Spice Girls' biggest hit has been remade for an exceptional cause

This is what girl power is truly about.

Where would we be without the Spice Girls?


The biggest girl band of the 90s brought Adidas tracksuits, serious attitude, questionable hair and unreal dance moves to the forefront of society, not to mention the powerful feminist message they spread in their music.

Geri, Emma, Mel B, Mel C and Victoria compiled the band that brought us timeless tunes such as Viva Forever, 2 Become 1 and Who Do You Think You Are that are still relevant in 2016, 20 years later.


One hit that is making a comeback is the 1996 hit Wannabe but in 2016, it's being used to spread awareness about a very important cause.


The original video has been reworked to highlight the gender inequalities women suffer around the globe daily and the call for the balance to be equalised.

The video features girls from India, South Africa, Nigeria, the UK, the USA and Canada, all dancing and singing to the 90s hit while advertising for education for girls everywhere, equal pay for equal work, the end of child violence and child marriages.

The original Spice Girls took to Twitter to support the incredible video.



Fans on Twitter lost their MINDS at the beautiful marriage of The Spice Girls and a gender equality campaign.


Can we have a whole album of remade songs please?

Lead image via YouTube