The top 10 most popular theme tunes have been revealed 5 years ago

The top 10 most popular theme tunes have been revealed

Nothing beats a  TV show's catchy theme tune.

When creating a new TV show, nailing the theme tune is half the battle.


Having a memorable jingle or a catchy tune to open and close the show helps people to remember the show easily and perhaps recommend it to a friend.

Some of the best TV shows ever have absolute tunes as their theme song - Eastenders, Coronation Street, The Fresh Prince of Bel Air - but we've never thought of which theme tunes were the most popular.

Fresh Prince

Our good friends at Digital Spy have found which theme tunes are the most popular and you'd be surprised by the list.

The top 10 surprisingly doesn't include the songs that were used as theme tunes for huge shows such as The Sopranos , Neighbours and Home & Away nor the song used for Eastenders.

Number 10 is the theme tune for 70s British comedy-drama Minder with Dennis Waterman's I Could Be So Good For You.


Number 9 holds the place for the Power Rangers' theme tune, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

Number 8 includes the rather obvious Friends' theme tune - The Rembrandt's I'll Be There For You. An iconic banger.

Number 7 was the slot for Mark Snow's The X-Files Theme to open and close cult hit show The X-Files.


Number 6 brings us back to '60s English countryside with Nick Berry's Heartbeat to accompany the same named show

Number 5 is a total tune which provided the theme for Miami 7, the unforgettable and the inimitable S Club 7's Bring It All Back.


Number 4 is M*A*S*H, with The Mash providing Suicide is Painless as a theme song for the American film and accompanying TV series.

Number 3 is the theme tune for Van der Valk, an ITV crime drama set in the 70s.


Number 2 is the infamous Bob the Builder theme song - Can We Fix It.

Last but not least is the Teletubbies theme tune, because why not? Of course it sold the most copies than the other songs.

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