This May Just Be The Best Take That News We’ve Ever Heard 5 years ago

This May Just Be The Best Take That News We’ve Ever Heard

Oh please God let this be true.

Take That fans everywhere are holding their breath at the moment as reports this week suggest that something very special is on the cards.


According to reports, Robbie Williams is in ‘secret talks’ with the band for a 25th anniversary reunion.

Robbie quit the band 20 years ago this year, back in 1995, but is now said to be keen to reunite with the band to celebrate their milestone anniversary.

Happy birthday Robbie!
Will three become four?

Robbie re-joined the other lads back in 2010 for a few special performances, but it looks like three may well become four if Robbie has his say in their anniversary celebrations.

“Robbie’s first return to Take That was never going to be a one-off,” a source told The Sun.

“He feels passionate and proud of the band’s achievements and still wants to be part of it.

“He loves the big tours and being in the studio with the lads. His comeback will be a great way to mark their anniversary.”


While representatives for the singer have stated to The Mirror that he will be taking his own solo album on tour next year, we still live in hope that this will get the go-ahead.

Now all we need is Jason Orange to get on board too and our favourite five-piece could be together once more in no time.