Thunder and Lightning is Very, Very Frightening for Madonna 8 years ago

Thunder and Lightning is Very, Very Frightening for Madonna

Last week we told you all about Madonna’s insane tour rider demands – twenty international phone lines, flowers that are exactly six inches in height – mental, right?

But the Madge has made some more weird demands ahead of her show tonight at the Aviva. According to reports, the singer has been requesting regular weather reports for the past few days.

 Why? Well, apparently, Madge isn’t too keen on the crazy weather we’ve been having lately and she’s worried that all the humidity in the air will cause a storm.

The Queen of Pop suffers from brontophobia, an intense fear of thunder and lightning, so if you’re heading to the Aviva tonight you might want to start praying that the weather stays nice and calm.

“Organisers have reassured Madonna that there is a good forecast for tomorrow night,” said a concert insider, speaking last night.

“The humid weather in Ireland in recent days meant thunder is always a possibility, but she’s good to go at the Aviva as far as weather reports stand for tomorrow night,” the insider added.

The good news is that Met Eireann has predicted temperatures of 20?C today and tonight is set to be dry and calm, and it is unlikely that we’ll have any thunder, so no, you probably won’t witness Madonna running off the stage in a fit of panic.

Madonna is bringing her MDNA tour to Ireland for one night only and her stage has taken over four days to assemble.

Already the gardaí have carried out various security checks and have been conducting searches for explosives, although more searches are expected to take place today.

Once Madonna finishes her set and is off stage, her entourage will “sweep” the stage.

“She’s adamant that she doesn’t want to leave any trace of her DNA in Dublin. Madonna adopts the same practice everywhere she goes,” said a source.

Eh…okay then…

If you’re attending the gig tonight, the gates at the Aviva will open at 6pm and Madge is expected on stage at 9pm.