Top 10 Most Streamed Spotify Song Earnings Revealed 7 years ago

Top 10 Most Streamed Spotify Song Earnings Revealed

Last month Taylor Swift sent the web into a slight tizzy when she pulled her music from Spotify and encouraged other artists to know their worth and do the same.

Spotify, one of the most popular streaming services in the world with over 50 million active users, responded to Swift by showing the total sum that the ‘1989’ hitmaker had the potential of earning.


The amount was in the seven-figure mark and judging by how much money the top 10 most streamed singles of the year have already made, they weren’t lying.

Time Magazine done some investigative work and using Spotify’s stated payout  (€0.0048 to €0.0067 per stream) they manage to work out a rough estimate of the final amount.

Here is what the artists have earned from their tracks so far this year:

1. Calvin Harris - Summer [€957,000]

2. Katy Perry - Dark Horse [€957,000]

3. John Legend - All Of Me [€957,000]

4. Mr. Probz - Waves [€877,000]


5. One Republic - Counting Stars [€797,000]

6. Ariana Grande - Problem [€789,000]

7. Pitbull - Timber [€765,000]

8. MAGIC! - Rude [€742,000]

9. Iggy Azalea - Fancy [€734,000]


10. Nico & Vinz - Am I Wrong [€726,000]

Eh, we wouldn't mind that pocket money...