Trouble Getting Out Of Bed? These Are The Best Songs To Wake You Up 6 years ago

Trouble Getting Out Of Bed? These Are The Best Songs To Wake You Up

When morning breaks, so do our hearts. 

There's not much that can stir us from the cot, especially now that the mornings are even darker (weeeh), but if there's one thing that has a glimmer of a chance, it's a good tune.


Now Spotify have teamed up with music psychologist David M. Greenberg to determine the best tunes to wake up to, according to a set of "musical ingredients" that make that transition easier.

Britney bed

According to Dr. Greenberg, Coldplay's Viva La Vida is the ultimate tune as it abides by the following criteria:

Slow build.

"A song that is too vigorous from the start won’t help you get out of bed – it’s too much too soon. Songs that start more gently (even just for a few seconds) and then build, help you wake up more gradually."

Feel-good factor.

"Once alert, you need to become motivated for the day to come; positive lyrics can get you out of a grumpy state and shift towards a feel-good attitude."


The science bit. 

"It’s not just the lyrics, it’s also the sonic elements of the music.

"Songs that emphasise beats 2 and 4 of each measure – usually with the bass and drums – with a BPM of approximately 100-130 will get you moving and further the feel good mood."


Greenberg explained: "Waking up is hard. It’s a real struggle, sometimes even a battle, to shift from being tired and agitated to being alert and motivated.


"Science shows that music affects us in all types of ways, including emotionally, physiologically, and in the brain.

"The right music – like Viva La Vida by Coldplay with its positive energy and strong momentum – can help you wake up, get energized and tackle the rest of your day."

Other songs that made the top twenty include Macklemore & Ryan Lewis' Downtown, Bill Withers' Lovely Day, Avicii's Wake Me Up  and Sam Smith's Money On My Mind.

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