VIDEO: Louis Walsh’s New Boyband “Hometown” Make Late Late Debut 7 years ago

VIDEO: Louis Walsh’s New Boyband “Hometown” Make Late Late Debut

The latest pop act managed by Louis Walsh made their TV debut on the Late Late show last night.

Six-member group Hometown, have yet to officially release any music but thanks to the power of Louis managed to land themselves a slot on the show.


The Hometown lads consist of Brendan Murray (17), Cian Morrin (19), Dayl Cronin (20), Dean Gibbons (20), Josh Grey (17) and Ryan McLoughlin (20). Have a listen to their cover of Katy Perry's Roar below:

“Louis has a strong track record when it comes to spotting talent and turning it into a fantastic product and that’s what he’s planning with Hometown” a source told the Herald:

“They’re a great bunch of lads and they've gelled well so far.

“They’ll be doing a regular panto at the Olympia Theatre from now on and management are about to sign on the dotted line for a fly-on-the-wall reality programme.

“So it’s exciting times ahead.”

Louis’s first boyband, Boyzone were launched on the very same show back in November 1993. Remember those outfits?