WATCH: Lily Allen Takes A Pop At Internet Trolls In New Track 'URL Badman' 7 years ago

WATCH: Lily Allen Takes A Pop At Internet Trolls In New Track 'URL Badman'

Lily Allen isn't exactly a lady that is known for mincing her words and in this latest track the songstress is taking a pop at Internet trolls. 

Allen has just released a brand new music video for 'URL Badman', the third track taken from her album 'Sheezus'.


Directed by Sonya Sier, the video blends insanely colourful visuals that complements Allen's colourful lyrics well.

Internet trolls and gossip writers are referred to as a 'broadband champions' and 'keyboard warriors that can't spell' and portrayed as bitter losers still living their family homes.

In an interview Rolling Stone back in April, Allen explain the song's lyrics.

"I wrote that after I put out the video for 'Hard Out Here' and everyone said I was racist," she told the magazine.

"I was really alarmed by that reaction. I stand by that video, and I know what my intention was, and I'm sorry that people interpreted it in a different way. A lot of that negative stuff came from females and the feminist blogger scene. What really pissed me off was the misogynistic, hipster, male bloggers that went after me in a completely different way. And I just thought, 'Fuck you, I'm going to write a song about you.'"

Lyrics include:

I work at home in my parent's basement
I don't troll, I make statements
I'm not a cliché sittin' in my PJ's
Double cupping at lunch on a Tuesday
I'm like Drake, see? So don't hate me!
I get vexed if you don't appreciate me
Real talk, I'll put the world to rights
And when I'm a big boy I'm gonna write for Vice


It's not for me? It must be wrong
I could ignore it and move on
But I'm a Broadband Champion
A URL Badman
And if you're tryna call it art
I'll have to take it all apart
I got a high-brow game plan
A URL Badman

Video via YouTube/Lily Allen